SPMS Athletic Boosters Newsletter 05.27.2024

Year in Review Part One

As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped us “boost” the SPMS athletic program this year through their leadership, sponsorship, membership, and sportsmanship.

As we remind all families throughout the year, the SPMS Athletic Booster Club is the primary way that the school’s athletic program is funded.  Those funds were definitely needed this year to pay for athletic director, coaching, and instructor stipends, new sports equipment, uniforms, referees, season-end parties, and bus transport for a few teams.   We appreciate everyone’s support, and hope you will support us next year if your student participates in competitive or intramural sports at the school.

Athletic Director
Once again, the school’s athletic program was led by teacher and Athletic Director Kasey Wells, who is set to return for a third year.  Kasey worked hard this year to find and monitor coaches, set up tryouts, schedule practice and games, secure bus transport for certain teams, and supervise the athletic program as a whole.  Thank you Kasey!

Competitive Sports
This year, the school fielded 17 amazing teams that competed in the 210 League.  

Early Fall:  Girls Volleyball (7th and 8th grade teams), Co-Ed Flag Football (7th and 8th grade teams), and Co-Ed Cross Country (combined 6th, 7th and 8th grade team)

Late Fall:  Girls Basketball (7th and 8th grade teams) and Boys Basketball (7th and 8th grade teams)

Winter:  Girls Soccer (JV and varsity teams), Boys Soccer (JV and varsity teams), and Co-Ed Tennis (JV and Varsity teams)

Spring:  Co-Ed Track and Field (combined 6th, 7th, and 8th grade team), Boys Volleyball (varsity team)

Special thanks to all of our team parents this year (and apologies if we missed someone):  Maribel Acuna (Soccer), Karissa Adams (VBall & Tennis), Mariela Amaya (VBall & Soccer), Erin Bonz (VBall & Soccer), Suzy Campeau (XC & Track), Megan Gardner (BBall and Soccer), Chris Harlowe (Soccer), Cindy Kang (VBall), Linda Kao (VBall), Heidi Mayne (BBall), Linda Nakagawa (BBall), Kevin O’Neill (FF), Jennine Robinson (FF),  Ingrid Sanchez (Track), Karen Tamis (Tennis), Patti Urzua (BBall & Soccer), and Debbie Won (Soccer).

Intramural Sports
This year, the school once again offered intramural sports to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who were interested in playing some sports for fun.  These sports consisted of Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor and Outdoor Basketball, Flag Football, Dodgeball, Kickball, Volleyball, and Girls Lacrosse.   Thank you to Gina Wilson for leading the overall program, and Katie Hanburger for leading Girls Lacrosse!

Business Sponsors
Thank you to all of our business sponsors this year, and please mention the SPMS Athletic Booster Club if you use their services!  Angela Kerwin w/ Compass / AYSO Region 214 / Charlie’s Coffee House / Dunia Handy Gill – Coldwell Banker / Fair Oaks Orthodontics / Hi-Life Burgers / Michele Downing w/ Compass / Mission Street Wealth Planning / Mission Tile West / Nichole Dunville – Coldwell Banker / Nott & Associates Inc. / Sarah Rogers / Smilehaus / South Pasadena Chinese American Club / South Pasadena Little League / The Chou Team / The Meng Group / Twoheys / Wendy Shem, OD

Board of Directors
A huge thank you to our fellow Directors, who volunteered their time and energy to helping us run the SPMS Athletic Booster Club this year:  Ingrid Sanchez (Treasurer), Mariela Amaya (Secretary), Crystal Arceo (VP of Fundraising), Kasey Wells (Athletic Director), Cheryl Busick (Principal), Bryan Samuels (Membership Chair), Rachel Brabaw & Mike Webb (Fundraising Directors), Jennine Robinson (Sponsorships Chair), Susan Yoshimura (Teams Coordinator), Gina Wilson (Intramurals Coordinator), Sarah Kovatch (Communications Chair), Andres Phippard (Technology Coordinator), Erik Gammell (Bylaws & Legal Affairs), and Laura Kistner & Debbie Dorny (All City Track Meet Snack Bar Chairs).  

Preview of Part 2
Thanks for making it this far!  Next week, in our final newsletter, we will share some photos taken throughout the year and wrap it all up.   Enjoy the week, and be sure to attend the school’s Music Festival this Wednesday, May 29th, from 5pm – 8pm, hosted by the SPMS Music Booster Club.

Brian Mahler – President

Megan Gardner – EVP

8th Grade Athletes Promoting to SPHS Athletics
If you will have an 8th grade student who is attending SPHS next year and is interested in playing on a sports team, please note that the SPHS athletic program has posted tryout and summer practice information on its website.  Unlike SPMS, where sports begin a couple weeks after school begins, SPHS has try-outs and some practices over the summer that begin as early as June 20.  As such, you should visit these web pages ASAP:

Incoming Athletes, Summer Practice, and Try-Outs

Try-Out Schedule (Subject to Revision)

Sign Up Form If Student May Try-Out

Intramural Volleyball

Join us in the gym for the last week of intramural volleyball! We will play one last time on Wednesday, May 29.

Help Boosters When You Shop

Thinking of booking an Air B & B rental this summer? Consider booking through the Raise Right app. When you use the Raise Right app for big and small purchases, SPMS Athletic Boosters earns money back. Air B & B isn’t the only retailer on the app, you can also make purchases at your favorite places such as Starbucks, Amazon, Gap, The Home Depot, and more. Once enrolled, it’s simple to purchase the gift card through the app and use it to buy everyday items from groceries, hardware, clothes, coffee, etc. Participants can use the app to search for participating retailers.Click below for more information.

Click HERE to enroll

Last Call to Join and Donate! 

A few weeks ago, the Booster Club sent an email to families whom the Board believes have students that participated in a competitive or intramural sport this past year but had not yet joined the club and made a donation. The email also reminded these families that (1) the athletic program receives almost no financial support from the district and so relies on the Booster Club’s support, and (2) in the absence of donations from families like theirs, there would not be a successful athletic program at SPMS, which includes providing participating students with hours of coaching, uniforms, sporting equipment, camaraderie, after-school supervision, refereed matches, fun, pizza, etc.

If you are one of those families, this is our last call to strongly encourage you to JOIN the Booster Club and make a donation today. Thank you! It only takes a couple minutes to become a member, and you can do so by clicking HERE. Thank you!

Sell Ice Cream to Support Sports and 8th Grade Activities 

Volunteer to help  HERE .