About Boosters

The SPMS Athletic Booster Club provides ALL funding for SPMS after school athletics, both competitive and intramural, through family donations, fundraising and sponsorships.  Parents and community members make it possible for SPMS kids to participate in sports through supervised coed intramural programs and competitive team play. The Athletic Booster Club helps foster school spirit by giving ALL students an opportunity to interact and support each other. Whether as participants or as fans who gather to show their school spirit, all students can benefit from the Athletic Booster Club! 

What Does Our Sports Program Look Like?

Boosters offers a coed INTRAMURAL program for all grades designed to introduce students to new sports and develop skills in a fun, NON_COMPETITIVE atmosphere.  A great way to connect with new friends, it’s open to ALL students.  Sports differ from year to year and may include BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, FLAG FOOTBALL, ULTIMATE FRISBEE and more!   Learn more at spmsathleticboosters.org/intramurals/

7th and 8th grade students participate at a COMPETITIVE level against other public middle schools in the San Gabriel Valley. The organized teams give students the opportunity for an increased level of play.  All teams are open to girls and boys.  Sports are: SOCCER, BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, FLAG FOOTBALL, TENNIS, CROSS COUNTRY and TRACK & FIELD.  Cross Country and Track & Field are open to 6th graders as well. Learn more at spmsathleticboosters.org/competitive/

Contact the boosters at [email protected].

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Executive Board:

President:  Kristin Wingard
Executive Vice President: Susi Pettersson
Treasurer:  Ingrid Sanchez
Secretary: Lisa Blai
V.P. Fundraising: Paul Lutz
Principal: Cheryl Busick
Athletic Director: Kasey Wells

Other Directors:

Membership: Sophia Taylor
Crystal Arceo
Sponsorships: Danielle & Brian Williams
Team Coordinator: Suzanne Smiley
6th Grade/Intramurals Representative: Gina Wilson
Communications Chair: Sarah Kovatch
Bylaws & Legal Affairs: Brian Mahler
All City Track Meet Snack Bar Chair: Megan Gardner & Erik Gammell

2023-2024 Board of Directors

The following slate of nominees for the Executive Board will be presented at the SPMS Athletic Boosters Annual General Meeting on 4/26, 2023 at 5:30pm at the SPMS Library.  All Boosters members are welcome to attend and vote.

President:  Brian Mahler
Executive Vice President: Megan Gardner
Treasurer:  Ingrid Sanchez
Secretary: Mariela King
V.P. Fundraising: Crystal Arceo