Parent Handbook

The 411 for Parents

Student Eligibility

Required forms must be filled out completely before a student athlete practices or plays in a contest.  Forms are available at

Once these forms are returned to the Athletic Office, a master eligibility list will be given to the Head Coach of each sport.  This list determines when the player can begin practice. 

Parent Concerns

It is our belief that a quick and honest discussion between all parties will result in the positive resolution to concerns and an improvement of the atmosphere for both athletes and coaches.

The list below outlining legitimate and non-legitimate concerns/grievances is intended to be a guideline, not an all inclusive list.  

Note: Please do not approach a coach immediately following a contest.  Emotions are high and often communication becomes confused.  If a question arises, call the next day to set up an appointment with the coach.  Also, interrupting a practice session is not an acceptable time to air concerns/grievances.  

Legitimate concerns/grievances:

      1. Failure to provide due process in disciplinary action
      2. Failure to provide a fair opportunity to compete to make the team
      3. Mistreatment of athletes: putting students down; insults of a personal nature; foul, inappropriate language
      4. Any violation of an adopted code: ethics, conduct, expectations

Non-legitimate concerns/grievances:

      1. Athlete not given enough playing time
      2. Athlete not playing the right position
      3. Strategies used by the coach
      4. Win/loss record of the team or coach

How Parents/Players Should Communicate Concerns/Grievances

(1) A meeting between the player and the varsity coach. The player should request a short meeting with the coach to air his/her concerns.  

(2) A meeting between the parent(s) and the varsity coach.  The parent and varsity coach should meet at a time and place convenient to each away from the event to discuss the issue. Note: where the concern is from a lower division player, the meeting will include the lower division coach and the varsity coach.

(3) A meeting between the parent, varsity coach and athletic director.  At this point all parties have been unable to come to agreement on the issue.  At this meeting the following procedure will be followed:

      • Identify the nature of the problem
      • Reason(s) for the problem
      • Prior communication that has taken place.
      • Efforts that have been made to correct the situation.
      • Acceptable solutions for or exception of each party.


  • (4) A meeting with the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics. This meeting will also consist of the athletic director, head coach, parent and player. If the problem is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, a written statement of the conference should be generated by the athletic director and kept on file. If the problem is not resolved, and the student/parent decides to pursue the concern/grievance further, a written summary of the student/parent concern and summary of the conference are to be submitted by the athletic director and the parent to the site principal for further consideration.  Next, a committee consisting of the Athletic Director, Assistant Principal of Student Activities and the Principal or his designee will be established. This committee will meet with the player and parent to reach a final solution to the issue.