Rules and Expectations

General Athletic Rules and Expectations

Conduct and Behavior

The student/athlete represents SPMS, The Community and his/herself.  Therefore, the student/athlete is expected to act accordingly.  Appropriate language and behavior are expected and will be insisted upon.  All school/classroom discipline consequences will be supported by the coaches and athletic department.  


The following guidelines should be followed:

    • An athlete may be released to his/her parent only with a note written by the parent and signed by an administrator.
    • The coach is responsible to supervise the athletes until the parents pick them up.  Coaches will wait until the last student athlete leaves.  Coaches are not responsible to give rides home to athletes.  Team members will stay with the team at all times during contests and/or practices.  Appropriate behavior to games and at the opposing schools site is expected.

Team Expectations

The  coach of each sport makes the final decision as to the level each athlete plays.  Each  coach will establish and communicate team rules, expectations, and consequences.  

    • Practice sessions are mandatory.  Tardiness or unexcused absences will not be tolerated.  A practice schedule will be distributed to each player.   Continued tardiness or unexcused absences will result in suspension from the team or removal from the team.
    • School owned uniforms and equipment, if issued, will be issued to players.  Each player is responsible to maintain and return equipment.  The parent/player will be responsible to pay the fair market replacement cost of lost or stolen equipment.  Athletes can be restricted from playing in the next season of sport until all obligations are cleared.

Quitting a Sport

Athletes who quit, or are removed from, a sport are not allowed to train or join another sport until the sport from which the athlete quit is over, unless mutually agreed upon by the coaches.   This includes the playoffs.  Students may or may not be allowed back on team after quitting.  This is at the  coach’s discretion.   Athletes who quit a team may lose all benefits of a team member including, but not limited to, awards and/or post season honors.