Athletics Handbook

SPMS Athletics Program Goals and Objectives


The athletic program at South Pasadena Middle School is an integral part of the educational program.  It is meant to provide learning experiences for the students who participate.  It should help develop habits, attitudes and ideals necessary for ethical competition and cooperation in our society.  It should also provide our students with the unique opportunities for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, loyalty to the team, the school and to the community.  

Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program.  Thus, competition is a privilege and not a right.  Along with that privilege is the responsibility to conform to standards established for the School athletic teams.  This privilege may be revoked when the athlete fails or refuses to comply with the established rules, policies and norms.  


The Athletic Department as a unit is dedicated to practice good sportsmanship in our practices and ultimately in contests.  Therefore, we are asking each athlete to make  sportsmanship their personal goal.  South Pasadena Middle School is making sportsmanship a major goal.  We then, are taking a harder look at the way in which our athletes represent our school community.   Our expectation is that after we beat our opponent soundly  we will shake their hand and congratulate them for good competitive effort.  We also expect that our athletes and coaches will accept a loss with dignity.  

Athletic Goals

    • Provide an athletic program that meets the expressed needs and abilities of the students, consistent with available facilities, equipment and quality staff.
    • Provide an athletic program that will compete at the highest level without sacrificing good sportsmanship and integrity.
    • Provide equal opportunity for all students.
    • Provide an athletic program which will promote the physical well-being and desirable attitudes in leadership and sportsmanship for both the athletes and  spectators.
    • Provide an athletic program which is an integral part of the educational program.

Athletic Objectives

The student athlete shall learn…..

    • To work with others: In our society a person must develop self discipline, respect for authority and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice.  The team and its objective must be placed above personal desires.
    • To be successful: Our society is very competitive.  You learn to accept defeat only by striving to win with earnest dedication.  We want our athletes to desire to succeed and work to achieve that goal.
    • To develop sportsmanship:  To accept defeat like a true sportsman,  knowing that we did our best to win, we must treat others as they would like to be treated when we are victorious.
    • To improve:  Striving to improve is essential to achievement.  Our athletes will continue to strive to reach higher goals.  “If you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there” Will Rogers.
    • To develop leaders:  Any successful athletic program has student leaders as its core.  “The coach on the floor/field”.  Leadership is essential in life.  Student/athlete leaders help direct the team by insisting that the teams goals are continually in focus.
    • To develop healthy personal  habits:  As people, we need to develop desirable social traits.  Including; fair play, emotional control, honesty, cooperation, dependability, respect and hard work.