Cross Country Sign ups

Attention 7th and 8th grade boys and girls.  The last day to workout & tryout for the Cross Country team is this Tuesday September 10th.  If you are interested you need to get the permission slip from Coach Hilger or Mr.Adanto.  After Tuesday, we will no longer extend this invitation for cross country.


The following is intended to provide both the student athlete and their parents about the expectations for tryouts at SPMS.

  1. Students must meet the eligibility requirements outlined here.
  2. All tryouts are conducted fairly and are subjective. Student athletes will be evaluated by the coaching staff with the use of a scoring rubric based on knowledge of the game, fundamentals/skills of the game, endurance/physical ability, team work, attitude and effort.
  3. Due to the high volume of interested student athletes we try to have as many as three and no less than two days of tryouts that are absolutely mandatory to attend.  If a student is absent from school (more than half the day) they may NOT participate in any school activities and tryouts are considered a school activity. 
  4. If an athlete is finishing up a sports season and wants to tryout for the next sport offered, but cannot attend the tryout, they are to contact Mr.Adanto within a reasonable time and a special tryout will be accommodated for that athlete only.
  5. Athletic coaches will always do their best to keep to the time scheduled for tryouts, however, when there is a high volume of students interested in trying out it may exceed the posted time frame so we ask for your patience.
  6. Student athletes should come dressed appropriately for the sport they are trying out for.  If tryouts begin at 3:00pm, the student athlete should be dressed and ready to go at 3:00pm.
  7. When tryouts begin, if indoors or outdoors, parents may not be attendance in the gym or on the field.  If tryouts are on the field, we ask that parents remain outside the fence.  If you wish to watch, we discourage any side coaching of your child during the tryout.
  8. If the student athlete is a returning team player from the previous school year, there is no guarantee that he/she will make the team again.  New students do enroll in the school and many other student athletes improve over time.
  9. Student athletes must keep in mind that should they make a sports team at SPMS and they decide to quit, they may not move on or tryout for an upcoming sport.  As a courtesy to the coach and the athletic director, the student should inform both about his or her decision to no longer participate.
  10. At the end of each tryout, we ask that parents’ refrain from speaking to the coach as it can be perceived as potential bias towards other student athletes.
  11. Because the 210 League is a highly competitive middle school league, it is imperative for all parties to understand that playing time for each athlete is a coach’s decision based on the needs or demands of the game.