Athletic Eligibility

All students involved with extracurricular activities must meet the requirements of this policy. Students who are ineligible may not participate in extra-curricular activities in any form beyond the class period. Coaches, sponsors, and advisors are responsible to ensure non-participation of ineligible students. A student who is ineligible is considered to be on probation and may not practice or participate with the team or organization. Students who are ineligible will receive support and intervention. Special consideration and support will be given to students that have educational disabilities.

Below are the requirements for Eligibility. If a student meets any of the below criteria during an academic quarter in a school year, they will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for the following quarter. Students may be deemed ineligible immediately at the discretion of the administration due to discipline or attendance. 

  • Students are ineligible if any of the following :
    -One F or Two D’s or more in one academic quarter.
    -2 or more U’s per quarter in Citizenship in one academic quarter.
    -A suspension, or receiving a behavior probation or attendance probation during a given quarter.
    For example, if a student receives two D’s or an F during quarter 1 of an academic year, they will be ineligible for quarter 2, the next academic quarter.
  • To determine eligibility for fall sports, a grade check will be made from the athlete’s 4th quarter report card from the previous school year.
  • If a sport begins at the start of a new quarter, grades will be checked from the previous quarter.
  • Due to the fact that some grading periods (quarters) end during the season, an athlete can and will be removed from the team if he or she does not meet the academic and behavior eligibility requirements.
  • Grade checks are conducted regularly at the progress report and grading period during the season.
  • If a student is absent from school on the day of a practice, tryout or game that student may not participate in that activity.
  • A student must be at school for at least half the day in order to tryout, practice or play for their school team.
  • All athletes representing SPMS are students first and athletes second!!