Boosters Newsletter 01.09.2022


Due to the Covid-19 surge, many after school activities–including Intramurals–will be postponed while the administration evaluates and considers safety requirements. The Athletic Booster Club and SPMS administration will work together to determine a new start date for Intramurals after a one or two week evaluation period.

Boys and Girls Soccer Tryouts

Per new regulations, students MUST WEAR MASKS during tryouts, practices,  and games.  Weekly Testing will be required for those who make the team.  Medical Exam Forms will be required for those who make the team.  Physicals can be from within the last 12 months. Start on these now!

View full eligibility requirements.

Sign-Up for Tryouts:
 Boys Soccer Tryout Sign-Up
Girls Soccer Tryout Sign-Up
*Sign-up not required, but appreciated.

We expect Track & Field and Boys Volleyball tryouts to be sometime in February.

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