Boosters Newsletter 12.20.2021

Boys and Girls Soccer Tryouts

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 Boys Soccer Tryout Sign-Up
Girls Soccer Tryout Sign-Up
*Sign-up not required, but appreciated.

We expect Track & Field and Boys Volleyball tryouts to be sometime in February.

Last Week’s Results


8th Grade Boys (12/16): *W*  41-32 vs Clifton
8th Grade Girls (12/16): *W* 29-9  vs Clifton


vs. La Canada Prep
Yash vs Maxwell 0-4
Joie/Emi vs Raphael/Juliana 4-0 W
Aidan/Eric vs Yash/Preston 0-4
Elena/Pavel vs Jaia/Mylani 4-0 W
Alvin/Ahn vs Pavel/Preston 0-4
Helena/Kayla vs Vahan/Ivan 1-4
Yash/Pavel vs Mason/Elliott 0-4
Elena/Casidy vs Isobel/Natalia 1-4

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